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Preparatory Problems IChO 2020

IChO 2020 Preparatory Problems



(Version 5, published on August 04, 2020) 

Some changes have been made between the first version (V1, published on January 31, 2020), the second version (V2, published on February 10, 2020), and the third version (V3, published on June 01, 2020), and the fourth version (V4, published on July 08, 2020),and the fifth version (V5, published on August 04, 2020). 

You will find the list here – WORD

IChO 2020 Preparatory Problems & Solutions



(Published on August 04, 2020)

IChO Syllabus can be found in the Regulations (Appendices C and D)



We welcome any comments, corrections, and questions about the preparatory problems via email at icho2020@tubitak.gov.tr.

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